Now is the Greatest Need – This Christmas please consider a Shoebox Appeal…

The #Meltham shoe box warehouse at St James’ Church Meltham Mills is now open to receive your gift filled shoe boxes!

This season please consider giving a few practical gifts, all wrapped up in hope, that will bring a little bit of Christmas sparkle and joy into a child’s life.

Every year the charity Teams4U sends Christmas shoeboxes, packed full of love and hope, to children in deprived communities overseas. Since their first appeal in 2013, T4U have given over 221,000 shoeboxes, spreading a bit of the magic and joy of the Christmas season.

“Every shoebox contains a memory, one that over the years they will remember and treasure. Each box tells the child ‘someone, somewhere, cares for you, has thought of you.”

In these challenging times, whilst the world is reeling from the effects of the pandemic, children everywhere are struggling without school, without friends, and some, even, without toys or something to do. For these children, in orphanages or living in the most marginalised communities, this pandemic has made the world an ever bleaker and desperate place.

“Christmas is coming, whether we’re there for these children or not. But, I think, right now we need to be more present for them. Now is the biggest need.”

How can you help?
Teams4U say each gift is like a Christmas stocking in a shoebox – an assortment of essential items such as stationery for school, toiletries, winter woollies, hair accessories etc. plus a few small toys and sweets. You can drop these off at the following drop-off points: Crossroads Shop. Meltham. St. James’ Church Meltham Mills.

The charity requests a small monetary donation of £2.50 in addition to each shoebox to help support the costs of transportation.

For more information on the Shoebox Appeal and to find your nearest drop-off point please call T4U’s regional coordinator for West Yorkshire. Meltham Shoe box 07954784317

Unable to make a box yourself:
This year, in addition to accepting donated shoeboxes, T4U have a Sponsor-a-Box scheme and for £15 will make up a gift on your behalf. Visit their website or ring their office to learn more: 01978 310110.