History of St Bartholomew’s

The Church is situated in the centre of Meltham and was consecrated on St. Bartholomew’s day 1651 by Bishop Henry Tilson a former Bishop of Elphin in Ireland. The church is believed to be one of a very few in England to be consecrated during the Commonwealth period.

The only relics remaining from that time include: The desk of the original pulpit bearing the inscription ‘1651 Cathedra Veritas’, a lintel stone on which is carved the date – 1651 and an architrave surrounding the door into the choir vestry.

The nave of the present Church was built in 1786 and in 1835 the Tower, North transept and Gallery were added with the bells being installed a year later. The building was completed when the Chancel was added in 1876 and at the same time the original ‘box’ pews were removed.