Jigsaw Ministries

Jigsaw special prayer request:
Dear friends,
I am writing with a special prayer request for one of Jigsaw’s young people. Her name is Jilsy, she’s 25 years old. She was one of the first students to graduate from our University Scholarship program and is also the sister of Jenalyn, our program manager.
Around 8 weeks ago Jilsy started to become ill, but then two weeks ago as things became worse, she was taken to the hospital by Jenalyn. She was found to have Lupus and that one of her kidneys had stopped functioning, she was told she needed a kidney transplant and was admitted to the hospital. At a cost of over 1.6 million pesos for the operation (15,000 pounds) this was out of the question and Jilsy started to have blood transfusion and dialysis every few days. Today Jenalyn our program manager who has been at the hospital for more than 10 days now (as she is not able to leave and go back due to covid) messaged me to say Jilsy over the weekend has had 2 seizures and the doctors have put her in an induced coma, so now Jenalyn is waiting and praying for her sister.

The doctors have said there are four possible causes for the seizure; lupus, hypertension, infection, or her dialysis. Jilsy is in a critical condition and Jenalyn and her family are so worried and scared, and Jenalyn has emailed me for prayer for Jilsy.
Please join us in prayer for Jilsy, for healing in the current situation that she may be able to regain consciousness and begin to breathe normally. For her general condition to improve and for the long term for some miracle solution for the need of a kidney. Please join us in prayer too for Jenalyn and her family for strength and comfort at these very difficult times.
Thank you.