Weekly News – w/c Monday 26th March

PLEASE PRAY for Christians everywhere as we journey together through Holy Week so that we can all experience, in some small way, what Jesus carried for us. ‘Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all’.

READ THE GOOD NEWS Mark 15, 1-39
“Surely this man was the Son of God!”

Monday 26th March
7.00am Meditation – St James’
9.30am Morning Prayer, Christ Church

Tuesday 27th March
7.00am Meditation – St James’
9.30am Morning Prayer, St Mary’s

Wednesday 28th March
7.00am Meditation – St James’
9.30am BCP Holy Communion, St Bart’s
10.00am Meltham Churches Together Prayers for the Community, St Bart’s
8.00pm Final rehearsal for Stainer’s Crucifixion, St Bart’s

Thursday 29th March – Maundy Thursday
7.00am Meditation – St James’
3.00pm Evening Prayer, St Bart’s
7.00pm Holy Communion, reception of oils and the washing of feet – St James’

Friday 30th March – Good Friday
7.00am Meditation – St James’
10.45am Meltham Churches Together service and walk of witness followed by a simple lunch – Methodist Church, Mill Moor Road.
7.00pm Stainer’s Crucifixion – St Bart’s.

(No St Bart’s coffee or Community Cards this week)

NEXT SUNDAY 1st April – Easter Sunday

6.45am ‘Cock crowing stone’ – West Nab Acclamation of the Dawn followed by breakfast in the Church Hall
9.30am Holy Communion, St Bart’s
9.30am Holy Communion, St James’
11.15am Holy Communion, St Mary’s
11.15am Holy Communion, Christ Church