Church Yard Working Groups – Can you help out?

Church Working Groups are re-commencing the work around the #Meltham Parish starting on Saturday 11th September at St James’ Church, Meltham Mills where will shall be grass cutting, strimming and bush clearing – Saturday morning from about 09.30 to 12.30 but even if you can only spare an hour, it all helps to make the job easier – the more, the merrier!

Feel free just to turn up, for all or a part of the session. We have a good chat and a laugh as well as work. Cake is usually involved at some point too! As we are outside, it is always weather dependent, so rain coats or sun hats required!

If you would like to join this merry group and want to be kept up to date with future dates and locations, please contact Irene Harrop at: or 01484 664163 or contact Mike Still on 07867 951512 for further information.