Meltham Mustard Seed Charity – Update – October 2023


As many of you will know, Meltham Mustard Seed began its work in 1997 helping to support orphans in the village of Kyema in Uganda. Over the years this charity has supported many young people enabling them to grow up, importantly, in kindred foster families and be educated. Indeed, several have degree level qualifications and exciting careers ahead of them due to your support.

In 2019, we worked with the local committee in Kyema to put together a self-sustainability plan. After 4 years of hard work, the local Mustard Seed team in Kyema are now in a position to continue to provide support to orphans without the financial support of Meltham Mustard Seed. This is a fantastic achievement.

Visiting the sugar fields which will be harvested soon. Mary, nursey school head teacher and Rev Joan of KMS.
These sugar fields will be harvested end of 2024, early 2025. Land acquisition continues for building small housing units in future.

This means that we can now formally close down the Meltham Mustard Seed charity, as our work is complete. There are a number of practical steps that we need to take to do this, including dialogue with the Charity Commission, our bank and our supporters.

We have asked supporters, who donate by standing order, to cancel these as we will make a final payment with any more final donations to Kyema in December this year.

We, the Mustard Seed committee, want to thank you for the support over many years that has enabled us to support many children, who otherwise would have had a very uncertain future.

Additionally, you have helped us create a lasting legacy, which was always the vision that John Bakanoba had when Mustard Seed first began.

Emmaton, one of current MMS orphans supported by his grandmother.