Weekly Bulletin for Sunday 17th May

Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.” John 14:21 (NIV)

“If you love me, keep my commands”. At the very top of the list of these commands must always be, love your neighbour (Mark 12:29-31 love the Lord you God and love your neighbour)

It seems a little strange to me that Rogation Sunday has been largely forgotten in many communities whilst the harvest festival is still as popular as ever. At harvest we thank God for all his blessings, but Rogation is when we ask God for those blessings, and not just for ourselves but for all our community.

The harvest festival should of course remain a time of great joy for everyone. However, for the Church rogation should be at least as great a joy. Rogation is not just about asking for God to bless us; it is a chance to ask God to bless everyone. If we truly love our neighbours, then this should be something we can really get excited about.

The early Church did not just bless their neighbours, they were a blessing to them wherever they went. Surely, as we seek to be a prayerful and generous Church we must want to bless and be a blessing to our community.

Reverend John (Vicar)

Social distancing, services and buildings.
I am aware that some of the recent anouncements from the government were not as clear as they may have been. However, the position of the Church of England and the Diocese of Leeds remains to be that all of our buildings must remain closed for now. If any body feels that they need to access any of our buildings they must contact me so to see if it will be safe for them to do so, and so that I can maintain an accurate register of access.

Online Services
Our parish communion will be posted on our website This will be pre-recorded but Rev John will be repeating the service at 10:30am so that it may be considered spiritually live. Please join in if you are able.

Many people are looking for a simple way to pray. I hope that this will offer an opportunity to do so. Please look at the magazine, facebook, or our website for more details. Yesterday (Sat 16th), people from across the Diocese prayed especially for our Parish here in Meltham!